The Walker

In post- production

Director: Deniz �engen�

Producer: Melek Ulagay Taylan

To walk gives us the opportunity to know the stories of the land on which we tread, leading us to a new detail in each step we take. These details turn into a story with the walker, the one who listens, who lives and witnesses, as he travels on foot. The Walker is a documentary on Halil Savda, who walked 1500 kilometers, starting from Roboski on the 1st of September and ending in Ankara on the 20th of October, as a protest against the war in the South East of Turkey, going on for the past thirty years. During his long journey he was supported by more than 500 men and women from different backgrounds. The film is a witness to this long journey, which is a first in recent history, as well as the quest for peace coming from the people. The film which depicts this quest for peace, is also a story of �being on the road�, with all its tragic-comic adventures, friendships, and memories.
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